Jul. 18th, 2011

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 BridgeToTheStars.net is delighted to announce that we will be teaming up with blogger Mark Oshiro (of Mark Reads) to bring YOU the ultimate The Amber Spyglass reading experience.

Over the next eight weeks, Mark will be reading one chapter of The Amber Spyglass each weekday and writing up his review. We’ll be hosting weekly discussion threads on our forum, The Republic of Heaven, so that you can discuss each chapter, talk spoilers, and predict how Mark will react…

Can’t remember who tried to poison Lord Asriel? Want to know how Lee Scoresby and Iorek Byrnison met? We’ll also be here to answer any questions you have about the His Dark Materials multiverse.

Whether you’re re-reading along with Mark, already finished The Amber Spyglass (we know some of you couldn’t wait) or are just along for the ride, discuss each chapter as Mark Reads it*, and we’ll have some special treats for you along the way!

Click here for our Mark Reads The Amber Spyglass week one discussion thread.

*Beware, there will be spoilers for The Amber Spyglass in the discussion thread, so stick to the Mark Reads site if you’ve not read the books already!
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 Our July contest closes in three days! If you’d like the chance to win a signed copy of The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ (or the two unsigned copies we have as runner-up prizes) enter now!


In Northern Lights/The Golden Compass, Lyra is given the truth-telling alethiometer; in the Subtle Knife, Will acquires a knife with intentions of its own; in The Amber Spyglass, Mary makes a spyglass that lets her see something she couldn’t before. The events in each book are shaped by these artefacts. We want YOU to come up with a fourth artefact of your own! Tell us what object you’ve come up with, and in one sentence only, explain what its abilities are.

Send your entry in to contest@bridgetothestars.net, with the subject line “July Contest” by 11:59pm GMT on the 21st of July. The entries will be judged anonymously and the best ones will receive our awesome prizes! Only one entry per person allowed. This contest is open to everyone except BridgeToTheStars.net staff. Good luck!
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