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Our compatriots over at HisDarkMaterials.Org have unearthed Chris Weitz’ original script for the Golden Compass movie. It differs from the actual movie in many ways, and is a far more accurate adaption of the books that we all love.

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One of our Sraffies, Energy, has been working on scenes cut from the Golden Compass movie and trying to rebuild the film that director Chris Weitz originally intended. While the fanedit is available to watch on YouTube, you will be able to download it exclusively on Bridge To The Stars.

The original ending to the movie, similar to the book’s ending, was removed three months before the final cut was made, and Energy’s video takes a look at what it could have been if the studio had not forced major cuts.

For more information on the project, go here (Energy’s website about the project) or here (our forum thread that features discussion about the fan-edit).

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In a recent interview with the Guardian, Philip Pullman comments on the use of CGI as a possible reason for the failures of many film adaptions of fantasy books.
“We don’t believe it any more.” He said. “Or we know that it’s only computers.”
He also addressed the ever present question: Will there ever be a Subtle Knife movie?
“They would have to recast [Lyra]. It’s lost really. It’s gone.”
Maybe one day a movie executive will stumble upon His Dark Materials again and they might have the chance to re-imagine it in a way that will please the sraffies worldwide, as well as Pullman himself. However, Pullman said that it would have to be an antirely different film.
“I would rather it was made in someone’s shed with tin cans and bits of rope. I think it would be more involving – to be made for about 10 quid, rather than $200m.”
So, anyone have any tin cans or rope lying about?

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