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His Dark Materials fans who visit Oxford’s Botanic Garden can now enjoy an audio guide from author Phillip Pullman. The Garden has special importance to fans of the series due its role in the heartbreaking conclusion of The Amber Spyglass. As a result, Pullman has been asked to record part of a voice guide for the garden, in which he talks about its significance to Will and Lyra, in particular a bench which plays a key role in the young couple’s story. Pullman told the Oxford Mail that he thought the audio guide was a great idea, and that he was particularly keen to contribute due to ‘the bench’, as it is known to fans: “It’s a nice bench in a very nice place – the Botanic Garden is such a lovely thing to have in Oxford.” Pullman also offered a brief update on the much-anticipated His Dark Materials companion work The Book of Dust, insisting that it was proceeding well and would be finished just as soon as: “I write the words: ‘the end’”.

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Philip Pullman has exclusively revealed to BridgeToTheStars.Net that the long-awaited Book of Dust may be written in two parts. He told BTTS that “I’m now thinking in terms of two volumes, one to go before HDM, as it were a prequel, and the other to follow it.”

Pullman has been working on The Book of Dust since 2004 and has described it as a “big, big book.” He mentioned his continuing work on it in a speech he gave recently defending Oxfordshire’s Libraries. “I was trying to find out where all the rivers and streams ran in Oxford, for a book I’m writing called The Book of Dust. [...] I managed to find some old maps that showed me exactly what I wanted to know.”

Sraffies have been waiting with bated breath for news of The Book of Dust and what it might contain. This snippet of information might just be enough to tide us over for another year or so.

You can discuss The Book of Dust and what you hope to see in it here at our forum.



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