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Last Friday, Philip Pullman opened an outdoor learning centre at an Oxford Primary school. The garden was designed and made by BA (Hons) Furniture: Design & Craft students at Buckinghamshire New University, volunteers and artists; and was once just an unnused stretch of land by the school’s bike shed.

Andrew Shenton, Senior Lecturer of Furniture at BNU, said about the project: “The garden is a unique environment where children can walk along different paths and use question posts and other outdoor learning materials, like sentence builders, character blocks and drawing walls, to help develop their ideas. [...] Each phase of the process is represented by question and character posts, sentence builders and drawing walls. It is an exciting project which the students have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in and which will provide enjoyment and wonder for generations to come.”

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Philip Pullman is set to be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival event alongside HRH the Princess Royal, Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Rosen and Eoin Colfer. The festival will run from Saturday the 2nd till Sunday the 8th of April.

Pullman’s event, about the construction of an author’s voice in fiction and poetry, will be at 10 AM on Saturday the 2nd of April. Tickets are £10 each and are available to buy here.

If you’re attending this event – please let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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Philip Pullman was present at the Central Library in Oxford on the fifth of February, Save Our Libraries Day. He took part in a read-in and read an extract from his  children’s novel, Clockwork. Below is video and pictures from the event.

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Philip Pullman's January 20 speech defending public libraries against government cuts (first reported on BridgetotheStars here has met with a rousing reception online. An article published in The Guardian today notes that an online version of the speech has been read 20,000 times in the past two days.

News was spread mainly via Twitter and other social media, with comments on The Guardian's article and the posted speech being mainly supportive and positive.

A French translation of the speech can be found here at Cittàgazze.


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Blogger Book Maven reports that Philip Pullman was amongst several speakers at a meeting of the Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance (OACA) last week specifically about libraries and the threat they are under. A number of libraries in Oxfordshire are to have funding withdrawn but the public are to be offered the chance to run them as volunteers; in effect they are earmarked for closure. Pullman apparently gave a corker of a speech, dealing well with a heckler and pointing out that it is the council’s duty to fight against cuts and preserve library services. He went on to say that his interest in libraries was simply through love. Philip Pullman will be reading at a read-in at Oxford Central Library on February 5th at 12 noon. Read all about last week’s meeting here. Article on this matter found in the Cherwell.



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