Aug. 15th, 2011

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You may have noticed we’ve been giving away the new UK editions of His Dark Materials! Our current August contest gives you the chance to win a signed copy of The Amber Spyglass. Make sure you enter by August 21st! This week, we talked to one of the cover designers of these editions, and we’re asking you to tell us what your favourite His Dark Materials covers are. Our nifty Cover Art Gallery is back up and running, so have a look!

Three Different Covers

Since its publication, His Dark Materials has been published in 39 languages and has had a whole variety of cover designs. From the widely recognised alethiometer, to the somewhat creepy depiction of Will and the golden monkey, to the detailed Croatian The Amber Spyglass (which I can only assume contains Daleks in place of angels) – the cover art of the trilogy has varied widely.  We want you to tell us your favourites: comment on this post, tweet us, facebook us, or post in our forum thread!

Designer Helen Crawford-White of Crush Creative answered’s questions about just what it’s like to redesign the covers for such a well-known series of books.



Click here to see what she told us! )



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